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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 267
Helmine Serban

Brightness Receiver Arduino *see multiple sensors code Processing //Read data from the serial port //The data at the serial port represents readings from two sensors: light and slider //This program 'decodes' the string received at the serial port into reading from light sensor (valP_light) and reading from slider sensor (valP_slider) import processing.serial.*; Serial port; // Create object from Serial class int valP_light; // Data received from the serial port - variable to store the light sensor reading PImage img; byte[] inBuffer = new byte[255]; //size of the serial buffer to allow for end of data characters and all chars (see arduino code) void setup() { size(600,400); background(0); img = loadImage("basel.png"); noStroke(); frameRate(10); // Run 10 frames per second // Open the port that the board is connected to and use the same speed (9600 bps) println(Serial.list()); port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 9600); } void draw() { if (port.available()>0) { // If data is available to read, //println("reads from port"); port.readBytesUntil('&', inBuffer); //read in all data until '&' is encountered if (inBuffer != null) { String myString = new String(inBuffer); //println(myString); //for testing only //p is all sensor data (with a's and b's) ('&' is eliminated) /////////////// String[] p = splitTokens(myString, "&"); //println(p.length); if (p.length < 2) return; //exit this function if packet is broken //println(p[0]); //for testing
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