MBB 222 Study Guide - Final Guide: Pbr322, Mitosis, Streptomycin

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Mbb222 exam vocab definitions: dna cloning and vectors. U4-04 first clone vs. cloning / genetic engineering / recombinant dna. In dna, it represents many identical copies of a particular gene segment. Recombinant dna: the composite dna molecules comprising of linked segments from 2+ sources (linked via dna ligase) A small carrier molecule of dna that is capable of self-replication. These dnas are called cloning vectors (vector = delivery agent) Typical cloning vectors include plasmids or viral dnas. Restriction endonuclease is an enzyme that cuts target dna at precise segments to generate smaller fragments. In dna cloning, dna ligase links the cloning vector and the dna to be cloned. The process of introducing small plasmids into bacterial cells. Relatively few cells will actually take up the plasmid dna, so cells that do take up the plasmid are selected for. The process of cloning the bacterial host cell containing the plasmid dna to produce many copies of the recombinant dna.

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