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Ch 15 -Stress, Coping, and Health

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PSYC 102
Sherri Atwood

Ch 15 Stress Coping and HealthNature of stressView stress in 3 ways a stimulus a response and an organismenviro interactionStressors eliciting stimuli or events that place strong demands on uscan be physical or psychological stimuli 3 types all affect psychological and physical wellbeingmicrostressors everyday hassles like school workfamily relations workcatastrophic events unexpected affects large groups of peoplelike war natural disastersmajor negative events being the victim of a crimesexual abuse death of a loved one career fail illnessesStress has responses cognitive physio and behavioural Or response Personalsituation interactiontransaction between organism and enviroStress pattern of cognitive appraisals physio responses and behavioral tendencies that occurs in response to a perceived imbalance between situational demands and resources needed to cope with themResearchers rely onvictims selfreport when measuring stress life event scales link bw event and wellbeingEarly theorists believed any life event that requires adaptation negative or positive in nature is a stressor but now only see negative events as a stressor4 aspects in Stress response Appraisalevaluation of demands of the situation primary appraisalAppraisal of resources available to cope with secondary appraisalJudgments of what the consequences of the situation could beAppraisal of the personal meaning of what the outcome might imply about usPrimary appraisal you are about to have an important job interviewDepends on demands difficulty of interview and significance of the wellbeing how bad you need the job and your perceived ability to cope with the situation resources available to deal withSecondary appraisal coping resources include knowledge abilities verbal skills social resources people who will give you emotional support and encouragement
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