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Ch 16 -Psychological Disorders cont'd

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 102
Sherri Atwood

SCHIOPHRENIAThe most serious and difficult to treatInvolves disturbances in thinking speech perception emotion and behaviorNOT like DIDCharacteristicsMisinterprets attention thought or perceptionunwanted thoughts enterWithdraws from social interactionsstrange communications and disorganized behavior often speak in rhymes than meaningDelusions false beliefs in the face of evidence that should be destroyedEg believe that his brain is turned to glass by enemies from outer space with jesus as the agentHallucinations false perceptions that have a compelling sense of realityEmotions can be affected blunted affect less sadness joy anger flat affectno emotions inappropriate affect emotions dont match situationSubtypes Paranoid delusions of persecution believe others will harm them suspicion anxiety angerDisorganized confusion weird adaptive behavior difficult to communicate to silly and childlike unable to function on their own emotional responses are inappropriate Catatonic motor disturbances muscular to randomrepetitive movements alternate bw weird to dangerous states to othersUndifferentiated show symptoms and thought disorders of the above types but still a little differentType I schizophrenia dominance of positive symptoms like delusions hallucinations and disordered speechThese positive symptoms link to good functioning before breakdown and better prediction for eventual recovery especially when the symptoms came on suddenly with a good adjustment laterType II schizophrenia negative symptoms like absence of normal reactions emotions motivation speechThese negative symptoms link to a long history of poor functioning before hospitalization and then a poor outcome after treatmentAppears earlier in males around 1530 years oldFactors in schizophrenia
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