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Bio-Psych: Drug Effects on Pre and Postsynaptic.doc

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PSYC 280
Neil Watson

Sub-steps Drug Examples Three Major Drug Effects on PRESYNAPTIC Mechanisms A) Effects on Transmitter Production 1) Inhibition of Transmitter Synthesis Para-chlorophenylalanine inhibits tryptophan hydroxylase (enzyme), preventing synthesis of serotonin from its metabolic precursor 2) Blockade of Axonal Transport Cholchicine impairs maintenance of microtubules and blocks axonal transport; 3) Interference with the Storage of Reserpine blocks the packaging of transmitter Transmitters molecules within the vesicles, thereby allowing the transmitter to be broken down by enzymes B) Effects on Transmitter Release 1) Prevention of Synaptic Transmission Tetrodotoxin (puffer fis+) & local anaesthetics blocks voltage-gated Na channels and prevents nerve conduction (action potentials) 2) Alteration of Synaptic Transmitter Ca channel blockers (Verapamil) inhibit Release release of transmitters; Amphetamines stimulate release of catecholamine transmitters; black widow spider venom causes overrelease, and thus, depletion of Ach. 3) Alteration of Transmitter Release Caffeine competes with adenosine (an through Modulation of Presynaptic endogenous ligand, a neuromodulator) for Activity presynaptic receptors, thus preventing its
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