PSYC 330- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 58 pages long!)

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Use for most of the brain research. 4 main lobes of the brain concluded from studying monkey brains: occipital lobes. In a study involving monkeys, there are similarities with humans: temporal lobes. Multi-sensory brain area: parietal lobes/ cortex. Contains strips of somatosensory cortex (touch processing) - located at the anterior lobe. Involved in sustaining attentional focus during the performance of a task and then disengaging it when the task has been completed: frontal cortex. Some even suggests that it is important for consciousness. Thalamus: playing a role in attentional selection. Midbrain area: involved in guiding focused attention from one location to another. Language functions: broca"s area, wernicke"s area (understanding speech) Gall: a magnificent proposal in an attempt to map out cognitive functions. Explanations of why cortex has bumps (gyri) A person"s personality traits can be figured out depending on where the gyri are. To fit cranial tissues, the brain has to fold up in order to fit gyri.