PSYC 379 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Yasser Arafat, Psychopathology, Behavioral Medicine

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Belief in voices and delusions: paranoia/fear, less likely to listen to voices when command violence, thought/control override symptoms (mixed evidence, thoughts being taken or inserted, behavior under control of outside force. Todays laws based on 3 early cases in 19th century england: r v hadfield, 1800, first occasion when accused was not released upon insanity finding but was admitted to hospital, passing of the criminal lunatics act, 1800, r v oxford, 1840, first case in which medical practitioners could be called to give opinion evidence not just fact evidence, r v m"naughten, 1843, he was acquitted due to the belief that his delusions prevented him from controlling his actions. R v swain, 1991 (scc: lead to changes related to at the lieutenant governors , prosecution cannot bring accused mental state into question, however, 2 instances when crown can lead criminal responsibility evidence, court can order psychiatric assessment for mental impairment.