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Simon Fraser University
Resource & Environmtl Mgmt
REM 100
Karen Ruckman

Global food and agriculture Method for food production: 1. Expand the area of agriculture  Protect existing farmland by reducing degradation  More land into operation 2. Expand per hectare production in agricultural exporting countries  Increase industrial agriculture productivity in developed countries using pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation techniques 3. Increase total farm productivity  Increase productivity of existing farmland Environmental Effects of CURRENT Agriculture - Biodiversity loss - Soil degradation - Air Pollution - Global Warming (Fertilizers and fossil fuel use) Option 1. Land Degradation: - Causes decline in agricultural productivity Causes: • Water/wind erosion • Waterlogging & Salinity • Loss of soil fertility (b/c of nutrient depletion) • Compaction and crusting • Acidification and toxic pollution Potential Solutions:  Encourage natural processes and relationships  Reduced use of damaging inputs  Greater use of local knowledge  Increase self-reliance b/w farmers and equity for access to productive assets  Emphasis on integrated production system that include conservation Option 2. Industrial agro-chemical based agricultural system - Pesticides reduce beneficial species – Worms, pollinators - Pests  Gain resistanceMore pesticides used Irrigation Systems - Artificial application of water to land/soil  Evaporation leaves salt behindDecrease in fertility  Plants weakened More vulnerable to pests More pesticides  Run-off from fields contain salt, fertilizers and pesticides into streams/rivers Costs  Stresses water source Potential problems  Poor X buy pesticides  Energy intensive Option 3. Preserve existing soils Irrigation efficiency - Pipelines instead of ditches - Downward pointing irrigation - Computer controls to prevent overwatering - Low tillage and mulching improves soil structure - Green manure suppresses weeds
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