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Resource & Environmtl Mgmt
REM 100
Karen Ruckman

Acid Rain - Formed by gases such as SO , NO 2issoxve in clouds, rain, and snow - Type of transboundary externality: ++ Polluting goods produced - Scientific uncertainty: Some commenters deny acid deposition is problem SO 2 • Natural sources (Volcanoes) • Fossil fuel burning: Coal and oil • Smelting metals: Copper and Nickels NO X • Natural sources (Lightning) • Combustion in vehicles, industrial furnaces and power stations (Releases N, and N combines with O NO ) X Effects: - Aquatic organisms die when pH < 4.5 - Acid mobilizes metals (Hg, Al) Food chain - Al in soil can kill plants - Dissolves Cu from pipes in plumbing systems - ↗Nitrite and Nitrate lvls in drinking water - Respiratory distress Characterization of Acid Rain: - Transboundary Externalities  Too many polluting goods produced - Scientific uncertainties  Acid deposition as a problem can still be denied… Attempts in finding solutions: 1. “Solution to pollution is dilution” Tall smokestacks on power stations & smelters  Local air quality  Enhances dilution and dispersion // Still polluted b/c only travelled too other places Result: Reduced pollution locally // made into global/regional problem
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