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Resource & Environmtl Mgmt
REM 100
Karen Ruckman

Strat ospheric Ozone - Is the ↑ [O3] in stratosphere (10-40km) Role of Ozone: - Filters UV by absorbing 95% of UV-B - Protect cells from UV rays - UV destroy cell wallsWeaker immune system Skin Cancer - UV also cause eye cataracts Ozone Depletion: Super Sonic Transit - A stratospheric flight that depletes O 3 - Environmental impacts assessed in 1971 in Climate Impact Assessment Program CFCl C3lorofluorocarbons - Used to replace toxic refrigerants - Used in refrigerants, aerosol cans, cleaners, sterilization, plastic foam/packaging - Stable, Odorless, nonflammable, non-reactive, cheap - Non-reactiveInsoluble in troposphere - Reach stratosphere in 11-20 yrs However broken up by UV, and release Cl atoms - Net Result: - O 3epletion - Cl Recycled Seasonal amplifications: - Winter: -  Ice crystals collect CFCs and  into reactive ClO, and Cl - Austral Spring:  Accumulated Cl, ClO +UV light  Maximum deplet
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