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wl102 terms for final ( from week7 to week13)

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World Literature
WL 100
Charles Pace

Foil Character -make other stand out by contrast e.g. Melanie's mom makes Melanie look very good to stop her mon from killing Mr glueskin Flat/ static character -not much background and doesnt change much e.g. Mr Gluskin, Mrs Wei Allusion -something real but looks unreal e.g. the painting of subworld on Melanie's house Personification -give an inanimate object human characteristics e.g. the wind posses a human voice in half world Sub-world 1.unusual entrance 2.seems odd 3.time and the law of nature is altered 4.transformation, change of the character 5.the character is a hero 6.the hero is isolated 7.ppl in the underworld has an altered experience of themselves and their social world 8. has a guide to help 9. doubles Common Man - a middle class character could be related to the majority of readers in some ways e.g. Shen Te verse the society the one fighting something bigger The absurd -the craziness in the story 1. isolation, loneliness e.g. Gogol the nose - when his nose is go
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