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PHIL 1100H Midterm: Reflective Practice Outline

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PHIL 1100H
Norlock Kathryn
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PHIL 1100
Reflective Practice Component
1. Identify the philosophical practice that you choose to exercise and reflect upon, based on a
reading in this course.
You could try to live like a Stoic for a week
Be as Utilitarian as possible and weigh the consequences of choices for a week
You could be a Kantian and practice duties
Reflect on living with a disability as Garland-Thomson describes and values
You could practice Aristotelian virtues for a week
Be a really thoughtful ethical egoist for a week
If Regan’s animal-rights related arguments move you to try something new, you could
live like a vegan for a week
2. Identify the method by which you choose to practice your five hours of.
Are you practicing truth-telling among friends?
Are you meditating an hour a day?
Are you blogging?
Are you maintaining a diary?
Are you altering eating habits, sleeping habits, public speaking?
Are you exerting yourself to be brave in the presence of a fear, and how so?
Are you giving up an external good for pleasure to pursue Stoicism?
3. Provide short entries after each of five days [five hours, one per day]
Note the following in each of your five reflection entries:
One or two sentences as to what you did
o description
One or two sentences as to how well you believe you lived up to the theory behind the
o self-evaluation
One or two sentences explaining your answer to (b) in more detail, including some clear
connection to the reading on which you’re basing your activity
4. Last, a summary paragraph at the end should hit the books
Re-read some or all of the author on which you based the practice
Identify a passage or line that now sticks out to you
Identify a recommendation that seems more true or more in error than it did before
Identify a feature of the reading that you think differently about after five hours or more
of practice or similar
Reflect upon what your practice reveals to you about the theory
Reflect on what you learned
Reflect on what you find the limits of the practice to be
Reflect on what you could improve, do differently, or what you hate about it if you wish
It’s only a paragraph, but there should be a documented direct quotation of the relevant reading.
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