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Trent University
PSYC 1030H
Brenda Smith- Chant

Psychology Midterm Review Introduction to Psychology - In 1879, Willhelm Wundt established the first psychological laboratory - Marc Baldwin helped found modern psychology in Canada Research Methods - Objective tests – measure beliefs, feelings, behaviours of which an individual is aware - Projective tests – tap into unconscious feelings or motives - Psychologists consider a result to be significant if it would be expected to occur by chance 5 or fewer times in 100 repetitions of the study - Nuremberg Code (1948) o Informed consent o Avoid physical or mental suffering o Research should be based on prior animal work o Risks should be justified by benefits o Research must be conducted by qualified scientists o Research in which death or disabling injury is expected should not be conducted - Canadian code of ethics for psychologists o Respect for dignity of persons o Benefits of research benefit human welfare o Honesty o Protect rights, privacy, liberty, self-determination of others Emotion - Amygdala o Initial decision to approach or withdraw o Learning, expressing fear, recognizing o Limbic system was considered the seat of emotion before the amygdala - Cortex o Left area  More positive feelings, quicker to recover from negative emotions, greater ability to suppress negative emotions o Right area  Withdraw/escape; disgust, fear - Emotion involves subjective conscious experience accompanied by bodily arousal and by characteristic overt expressions (cultural/behavioural). - Theories o James-Lange – “I feel afraid because I tremble” o Cannon-Bard – “The dog makes me tremble and I feel afraid” o Schacter – “I label my trembling as fear because I appraise the situation as dangerous” Motivation - Clark Hull (1943, 1952) o Drives – internal states – physiolog
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