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Study Guides for PSYC 3530H at Trent University

Atypical Development (Sc)

PSYC 3530H Study Guide - Final Guide: Dsm-5, Communication, Intellectual Disability

1) Investigations of reading, especially of learning to read, emphasize the critical role of a) syntax. b) phonological processing. c) pragmatics. d) semantic processing. e) phonetic transcription. 2...

PSYC 3530H
Im- Bolter Nancie
PSYC 3530H Midterm: Exam Prep

1) According to the text, which of the following is true regarding behavioral disorders of youth? A) Judgments about abnormality often change over time. B) Cultural norms should have no impact on diagnosis. C) Disorders ar...

PSYC 3530H
Im- Bolter Nancie
PSYC 3530H Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Neuroplasticity, Nonperson, Pharmaceutical Industry

Atypical Development Test #1 Lecture 1 – January 7  Important of context in diagnosing atypical behaviour  Co-morbidity – most kids have multiple diagnoses  Neural plasticity – earlier intervention is m...

PSYC 3530H
Brenda Smith- Chant
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