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BIOL 1010
Igor Kovalchuk

Biology Midterm II 1. What is the H+ gradiaent across the mitochondrial membrane called? a) Proton-motive force 2. Summarize input, output and net of cellular respiration a) Input: Glucose, 6O2 Output: 6O2, 6H2O, 38 ATP 3. Summarize input, output and net of dark reaction of photosynthesis a) Input: 3CO2, 3 RuBP, rubisco, 9ATP, 6NADPH Output: 6G3P, 9ADP, 6 NADP+ 4. Describe input, output and net of electron transport chain a) Input 10NADH, 2FADH2, 34 ADP 6O2 Output 10NAD+ 2FADH2+ 34 ATP 5. List 6 main functions of transmembrane proteins a) . 6. Oxidation- partial or complete gain of electrons a) False 7. Meiosis is the division of somatic cells a) False 8. Leaves have green color because they absorb green spectrum of visible light spectrum a) False 9. FADH2 has less energy then NADH a) True 10.A chemical reaction that has a positive delta G is correctly described as a) Endergonic 11.Two similar-sized animal cells are placed in a 0.5% sucrose solution. Cell A enlarges in size for a while then stops; cell B continues to enlarge and finally ruptures. Which of the following was true as the beginning of the experiment? a) Cell B was hypertonic to cell A. 12.Cellular respiration can be best described as a) Taking electrons from food and giving them to oxygen to make water, and using the energy released to make ATP 13.The following question refers to essential step in meiosis described below. 1. Formation of four nuclei, each with half the chromosomes present in the parental nucleus 2. Alignment of tetrads at the metaphase plate 3. Separation of sister chromatids 4. Separation of the homologous; no coupling of the centromere 5. Synapsis; chromosomes moving to the middle of the cell in pairs a) 5-2-4-3-1 14.Osmosis is : a) The passive transport of the water across a semi-permeable membrane 15.Because the bundle-sheath cells are relatively protected from atmospheric oxygen, the level of _________ is held to a minimum in C4 plants a) Photorespiration 16. Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration a) Photosynthesis stores energy in complex organic molecules and respiration releases it. 17. Which of the following statements about NAD+ is false? a) NAD+ has more chemical energy than NADH 18. Which of the following transmits genes from one generation of a family to another? a) Gametes 19.The oxidation of glucose to CO2 and H2O is highly exergonic: delta G= -636 kcal/mole. Why doesn’t glucose spontaneou
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