EAS100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Silicate Minerals, Geothermal Energy, Water Cycle

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EAS100 Full Course Notes
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Note this example is for a 60-minute midterm. A 50-minute midterm will have a similar format, but fewer questions. Which of the following statements would best fit the definition of the term: a name of a hollywood movie, compositional internal layer of the earth, rheological internal layer of the earth. One soil formed in northern alberta, the other in a tropical brazilian forest. Which chemical weathering process is responsible for karsting: hydrolysis, hydration, oxidation, solution. Short answer (25 marks): answer the following questions in the space provided. Diagrams, when required or if used, must be labelled. Each question is worth 5 marks: define the following terms. How would your diagram differ from an energy budget diagram? (5 marks: explain how a seismogram can be used to determine the location of the epicentre/focus of an earthquake. Use diagrams to help explain your answer. (5 marks) Indicate whether the following statements are true or false.