ECON102 Final: ECON 102 Full Notes for the Course (Got 94%)

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ECON102 Full Course Notes
ECON102 Full Course Notes
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Chapter 3 interdependence and the gains from trade. Chapter 4 the market forces of supply and demand. Chapter 6 measuring the cost of living. Chapter 8 saving, investment, and the financial system. Chapter 9 unemployment and its natural rate. Chapter 13 a macroeconomic theory of the small open economy. Chapter 14 aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Chapter 15 the influence of monetary and fiscal policy on aggregate. Chapter 16 the short-run tradeoff between inflation and. Chapter 17 five debates over macroeconomic policy. John maynard keynes macroeconomics: measurements, policy take the economy from where we are to where we want to go, better performance. Fiscal and monetary policies: models how you know policy is going to work. Austerity - a saving, economy, or act of self-denial, especially in respect of something regarded as a luxury, cut spending or raise taxes. Microeconomics the study of how individual households and firms make decisions, interact with one another in markets.

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