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University of Alberta
Management Science
Alice Nakamura

Practice Exercises for MGTSC 312 November 1 2011 1The following practice exercise pertain to a sample of 30 countries Know how to deal with Pearson product moment correlations and SIMPLE REGRESSION and also multiple regression1 You could be given EXCEL descriptive statistics and a variancecovariance matrix To compute the slope for a Pearson product moment correlation or a simple regression you must have either the covariance between the dependent and independent variables or the correlation between the variables or the data series for the two variables Consider the following variancecovariance matrix produced using EXCEL with a sample of 30 countries NOT the smaller number of countries used in another examplebe sure to use results for the specified sample BabyMortImmuneElecPerCapitaGNIPerCapitaRandomBabyMort29771Immune100486861ElecPerCapita535861611919765614106159GNIPerCapita2237952532142701098707016640024665789Random13711379115254241112 Be sure you know that the values down the diagonal are sample variances Be sure you know that the values off the diagonal are sample covariances Here the sample variance of BabyMort is 29771 the sample variance of Immune is 6861 and the sample covariance for BabyMort and Immune is 10048To find the correlation divide the covariance by the product of the standard deviations for the variables The standard deviation of BabyMort is the square root of 29771 which is approximately 1725 The standard deviation of Immune is the square root of 6861 which is approximately
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