NURS103 Study Guide - Final Guide: Genogram, Canadian Nurses Association, Nuclear Family

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25 Aug 2016
McGill Model of Nursing
Strength based approach to care
1970s-> Dr. Moyra Allen
Health promotion approach to family well-being
Also called Allen model
Focus on strengths, resources and potentials of the family unit
Basic Assumptions of the Model
Individuals, families and communities aspire to and are motivated toward better health
Health is best achieved through active involvement and personal discovery
oWant families to be involved, nurses are guides and a resource
The health of populations is the fundamental purpose of nursing
oPrimarily help people stay healthy
The health of a nation is its most important resource
oOnly as strong as the weakest link (support everyone)
Health-work with families involves identifying and promoting strengths & resources
o****Foundational to this model
Internal to the person/family (assets, traits, capabilities, potential)
oAssets= something we posses
oTraits= the way a person is
oCapabilities= things we are able to do
oPotentials= things that haven't been developed
Important that the family identify their own strengths and resources
oIts more valid if they do it
RN can act as facilitator through prompting, questioning, clarifying etc
‘Commendation’ is an important nursing intervention when family is identifying strengths-> must be sincere, authentic &
oRecognizing action w/ an outcome of change
oSaying the action and the outcome rather than just something nice
RN can assist family to develop their strengths through strategies like:
oTransference= transfer strength into another area of life that needs assistance/development
oRe-framing= seeing what did go well in a situation that you thought wasn't successful (changing way of thinking)
oKnowledge & competency development= provide people w/ knowledge and skills to develop their strengths
Potentially beneficial entities external to the family unit (as perceived by the family)
oExternal unlike strengths
oNuclear family-> different variations in a family-> can find resources outside of
Awareness of the existence of resources can enhance family well-being
oDon't know things exist so make aware of
Ecomap is a useful tool to identify resources & families connection to them
oCentre= nuclear family
oDo a genogram
oStart identifying the resources each person is connected to
oStressful relationships= squiggly line
oPositive relationships= straight line
oArrows= energy flows
oTenuous relationship= dotted
oThickness of line= strength of relationship
Once the family acknowledges a ‘need’, RN can assist with mobilization of resources-> family can take the lead in this
oLike strengths, have the family do it
Family’s capacity to mobilize resources may be diminished due to their energy level, emotional state, previous experiences, etc
Resources need to ‘fit’ with the family in their current context
Too many, or ineffective resources can be stressful (e.g. too much input)
RN can help family to develop strategies to minimize problems and increase benefits related to resources
*****McGill Questions of Inquiry
Standard assessment questions
What is the family dealing with?
find more resources at
find more resources at
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