NURS391 Study Guide - Final Guide: Tissue Plasminogen Activator, Occlusive Dressing, Valsalva Maneuver

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13 Apr 2016

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Medications or solutions with osmolarity greater than 600mosm/l. Medications or solutions with ph less than 4 or greater than 9. Prolonged duration of therapy (more than 6 days) when a midline catheter is not an appropriate choice. Parenteral nutrition (pn) formulations with dextrose concentration greater than 10% Defined by placement of the catheter tip in the central vasculature, specifically located in the lower superior vena cava, near its junction with the right atrium. Factors on deciding to placing a cvad type of prescribed therapy, anticipated duration of treatment, vascular integrity, patient preferences and ability and resources available to care for the device. It is preferred to place the cvad on the opposite side of the pacemaker since it is on the left side. However, if they both have to be on the same side, a picc line is the best choice. Redness, swelling, induration, and/or drainage at the site.

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