NURS407 Study Guide - Final Guide: Demyelinating Disease, Human Leukocyte Antigen, Spasticity

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23 Apr 2015

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Chronic care model: nurses have a professional mandate to improve population health and reduce incidence and impact of chronic illness, address policies that support healthy behaviours (nonsmoking, exercise, nutrition) and socioenvironmental factors (poverty, poor working conditions, educational disadvantage) Paying attention to 6 interrelated elements in improving chronic illness care: community resources and policies, organization of the health system, self management support, delivery system design and structure (team-based care, decision support and evidence-based care. Integrated clinical information systems: expanded model, health promotion and population health concepts (healthy public policy, supportive environments, and activated communities are included) Power of attorney: legal agreement that authorizes a designated person to act in specific, outlined circumstances on behalf of the signer, legal and financial matters. Form of voluntary guardianship, usually involving trusted family member or friend. Invalidated if signer becomes mentally incompetent through illness or injury. Durable power of attorney (ensuring power of attorney): Power continues even after mental incompetency has occurred.