SOC260 Study Guide - Final Guide: Émile Durkheim

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27 Jul 2016
July 14th required reading 1
Emile Durkheim – Division of Labour
- Toward greater specialization – gradually – each product – dependant on another
-"Men working in the sciences have become increasingly more specialized."
- Back on the day one person could have been an astronomer and a physician and a
mathematician. But now that phenomenon is extremely rare – because of immense
- The more specialized – the more the development
- Division of labour – becoming the basis of social order
- Modern workman vs free old savage
“To determine the function of the division of labor, that is to say, what social need it satisfies.
To determine, then, the causes and conditions on which it is dependent.
Finally, as it would not have been the object of such grave accusations if it had not really deviated fairly
often from the normal condition, we shall try to classify the principal abnormal forms it presents, so that
they will not be confused with the others”
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