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Sociology of Power 334 11-20

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Ariane Hanemaayer

SOCIOLOGY 334 MICHEL FOUCAULT STRATEGIES & TACTICS Knowledge is knowledge; Power is power. the expression knowledge is power is wrong with Foucault. - Critical of the human sciences. - Discipline and normalization are a "MICROPHYSICS OF POWER" Power is productive and facilitative: ther eis no NO is Foucault. how is it we can install particular strategies to get people to move towards the 'normal'. HOW IS ITTHAT FOUCAULT IS OPERATIONALIZING POWER? We will focus on his Propositions and Rules for understanding power in "Method" in The History of Sexuality. No ruling class that possesses power. Some vectors are more dominant than other while others are subordinate. A multitude of vectors of force. At some moment there may be one vector more dominant than the others that is able to shape the others. Power has a PRODUCTIVE role. It is not something 'over there'. It is hard to figure out where power comes from, because it doesn't come from somewhere, it is INTERNAL to the relations. it is immanent, inherent to any social relations. It delimits and underlies these very social relationships. He talks about how power becomes visible (consider hwo the worker's body becomes mobile and productive, etc). these are sign posts to how power is facilitating the movement of a body in a space. it is not necessarily coming from somewhere else, instead it has more to do with this facilitative relation. human bodies themselves are the targets. There is a kind of current about the way power functions. It is not a hierarchy, it is from below, initiated at the ground level. its closer to durkheim: power is in the collective consciense. how people use shared understandings to actualize what they want. letter de cachet... regular guy goes to get letter from king to expel their neighbour from france. dumb laws can be ignored by everyone.. Power has a telos. The aims and objectives of power, they have intent! We want to know the crime rate of canada. we want to have a future without crime. how do we get rid of crime. POWER IS NON-SUBJECTIVE. power gets people to do things without thinking of it. people do not have to meaningfully obey/ac
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