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Arbitrary definition ~ at least 20% cp but it varies on how you classify npn. Species differences: none on a tissue production level. Developed ruminant npn and stage of production are important. Mixing concentrates with protein supplements ~ corn and sbm. Mixing protein supplements ~ sbm + canola for monogastric: sbm + bypass protein for ruminant. Adding aa to protein supplements ~ so the protein requirement for a protein supplement that does not meet every eaa needed. Aa content and availability -protein digestibility, availability of aa. Lipid recovery so to extract all the oil. Solvent extraction (hexane usually ~ can use alcohols) Still heat in solvent recovery stage *essential to inactivate anf. Substrates: seeds soybeans, canola, peanuts, cotton seed, flax seed, sunflower, safflower. 90% of n is true protein is so low in npn. Low in cysteine met, and possibly lys (except sbm) Contains 5-6% oligosaccharides short chain polysaccharides. Standard protein for monogastrics, though high in phytates.

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