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University of Guelph
BIOC 4540
Rod Merrill

NameMERRILLStudent number ANSWER KEY UNIVERSITY OF GUELPHBIOC4540 ENZYMOLOGY Winter 2014 Midterm Examination February 25 2014 11301250 in MACK224 Instructor Prof R MerrillInstructions Time allowed80 minutesTotal marks35The exam is 8 pages and consists of 26 questionsThis midterm represents 20 of the final gradePlease write all your answers in ink if possibleNo materials may be removed from the examination roomAnswers to Part A are to be marked on the computer scoring sheet see below and answers to Part B are to be written directly on this examination paperAnswers to part C are to be written in the answer booklet provided Part AOn the computer scoring sheet provided use black lead pencil to enter your sevendigit student ID number Answer Part A questions 120 on the computerscoring sheetOnly one option is correct for each of these questionsUse black lead pencilErase cleanly if you make a mistakeDo not use ink or whiteout on the computerscoring sheet Twenty 20 questions x 1 mark per question20 marks totalNo marks will be deducted for incorrect answers1 Which is NOT a feature of Biotouch Detergent enzymes now commonly used for laundry detergentA may be a cysteine protease B shows good activity in soft water C effective at temperatures between 2040C D improved enzyme stability E may be a serine protease2 Which of the following is true of the binding energy derived from enzymesubstrate interactions A It can provide enough energy to explain the large rate acceleration of monoamine oxidase B It is sometimes used to hold two substrates in the optimal orientation for reactionC It is the result of entropic changes in the enzymesubstrate complex D Most of it is derived from covalent bonds between enzyme and substrateE Most of it is used up simply binding the substrate to the enzymeis that at the beginning of a reaction3 The benefit of measuring the initial rate of a reaction V0 A ES can be measured accuratelyB changes in S are negligible so S can be treated as a constant are negligible so K can be treated as a constantC changes in KmmVD V0maxE varying S has no effect on V01
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