GEOG 2510 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lake Huron, Golden Horseshoe, Algonquian Languages

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Multiple choice, true or false, and definition questions. Riel) declared their own government: metis under louis riel eventually succeeded in negotiating the terms of. Nisga"a settlement: prairies: treaty process served as systematic means of extinguishing aboriginal title and creating reserves (land freed up for agriculture, settlement and resource development) Primary sector (industries: definition: activities such as fishing farming, and lumbering, which provide the raw materials for manufacturing, most jobs are in the primary industries, only limited processing of the primary resource, continued through to present time. 1800"s: by 1820s: agricultural products were becoming important exports, and the many linkages they created (flour, breweries, leather goods), as well as the demand for agricultural inputs (seed, fertilizer, equipment, improved overland transportation) In turn simulated both agricultural settlement and urbanization: new industries associated with agriculture increasingly established themselves in. Montreal, toronto, and towns in southern ontario: new staple: wood, canals and railways offered important economic benefits; st. lawrence canals favoured.

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