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HISP 1100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Adverb

Hispanic Studies
Course Code
HISP 1100
Study Guide

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Leccion 5 Last Seccion :
Comparative and Superlative:
Mas (more) + adjective (adverb) + que (than)
Menos (less) + adverb (noun) + que (than)
Ex. Tu eres mas alta que ana? ( are you taller than ana?)
Comparing of Equality:
Tan(as) ----adjective(adverb) + como
Tanto(as much) dinero
Tanta plata (money) + como
Tantos (as many) libros
Tantas plumas
The superlative:
Definite article + (noun) + mas or menos + adjective + de
Ex. Quien es el estudiante mas intelligente de la clase?
(who is the most intelligent student in the class?)
Irregular comparative form:
Adjective: bueno, malo, grande, pequeno
Adverb:bien, mal
Comparative: major, peor, mayor, menor
Superlative: el(la)major, el (la) peor, el(la) mayor, el (la) menor
Ex. Tu clase es mas grande que la de Antonio.
Ex. Felipe es mayor que tu?
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