HIST 1010 Study Guide - Final Guide: Races Of Starcraft, Renaissance Society, Counter-Reformation

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Readings #1 - chapter 10, page, 226 - 248. In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, politics centred on the ambitions of great families. This was particularly the case in central europe where five families competed for control of the holy. Emperor charles iv helped spark cultural renewal in central europe. His golden bull contributed to political disintegration of the empire. Dynastic issues played a central role in the hundred years" war. Early english successes gave way to eventual french victory. The monarchies of both dance and england were damaged by the war. Civil war in england followed defeat in france, with the tudor family emerging triumphant. Life and death in the later middle ages. Famine and disease decimated the population of europe. Death killed between one-third and one-half of europe"s population. Peasants and townspeople fought to hold onto gains made in the aftermath of the plague. Events in europe and abroad con- tributed to a decline in italian ecumenic power.

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