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University of Guelph
Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 2100
Linda Hunter

HTM*2010  Lodging  Operations  Final  –  Justin  Taillon       Week  #8:  Midterm  &  Chinese  Hotel  Market     ▯ Watercooler  Talks:     -­‐ None  because  of  Lena  Liang’s  presentation     ▯ Lecture:     Chinese  Hotel  Market     • Market,  the  exhibition  industry  in  China,  research  direction     • Who  contributes  to  a  hotel’s  income  in  China?   o Big  groups  of  tourists     o Flight  attendants     o Canton  Fair  (Autumn  of  every  year,  generates  increased  revenue  for   restaurants,  bars,  events,  shopping)     • The  exhibition  industry:     2 o China  has  2,516,581m  of  indoor  exhibition  space     o Germany  has  3.1  million     o U.S.  has  6.1  million     o Exhibitions  contribute  most  to  economic  development     o Guanghua  Hotel:  the  rooms  prices  are  doubled,  but  they  are  still  in   demand  because  of  the  Canton  Fair  (hoteliers  take  advantage  because   they  can  sell  for  a  high  price)     • Research  direction:   o What  factors  influence  consumer  decisions  in  this  context?     o What  role  do  exhibitions  play  in  the  hospitality  industry?  How  do  we   measure  their  impact?   o Would  exhibitions  impact  investor  decisions?     Hotels   ▯ Shangri-­‐La     o Parent  company  (Kuok  group)  founded  in  1949   o 1971  first  property  opens  in  Singapore     o Toronto  Shangri-­‐La  =  owned  by  Kuok  group,  franchised  partnership   of  West  Bank  Partnership  and  Fairmont  Pacific  RIM;  managed  by   Shangri-­‐La  International  Hotel  Management  Ltd     o Shangri-­‐La  Hotels  &  Resorts:     ▯ 85  properties,  5  star  luxury  hotels   ▯ Hotels:  located  in  cities  around  the  world,  tranquility  75  hotels   ▯ Resorts:  10  locations,  catered  towards  families     o Traders  Hotels:   ▯ 16  properties,  business-­‐centered,  affordable   ▯ Smart  functionality       o Kerry  Hotels:   ▯ 2  properties,  Shanghai  &  Beijing   ▯ Opened  recently  in  2011,  designed  for  younger  crowd                                       o Shangri-­‐La  owns  3  main  parts:     -­‐ Hotel  operation:  own  or  operates  hotels   -­‐ Hotel  management:  offer  relative  services  for  Shangri-­‐La  hotel  or  the  thirty   party  hotels     -­‐ Investment  properties  or  real  estate:  lease  for  official  real  estate,  business   real  estate  and  service  apartments   o Reward  program:  The  Golden  Circle  (Gold,  Jade,  Diamond)     ▯ Choice  Hotels  International   o  “Quality  Courts”  created  in  1939   o 1941:  First  hotel  chain  in  US   o 11  brands:     ▯ Comfort  Inn   ▯ Comfort  Suites   ▯ Quality  Inn   ▯ Sleep  Inn   ▯ Clarion   ▯ Cambria  Suites   ▯  Mainstay  Suites   ▯ Suburban  Extended  Stay   ▯ Econo  Lodge   ▯ Rodeway  Inn   ▯ Ascend  Collection   o Manages  more  than  6,300  hotels  in  35  countries     o Choice  Privileges:  Elite  Gold,  Platinum,  Diamond           Week  #9:  Consulting  &  Final  Exam  Review     ▯ Watercooler  Talks     • W  –  French  Quarter  for  $25.5  million;  cost  per  key     • Interesting  issues  for  Japanese  businesses  =  Pay  to  run  business  but  also  support   mafia     • Discourse  of  Malaysian  flight;  depends  on  who  you’re  talking  to/your   perspectives   • HVS  hotel  development  cost  data  release     • PKF:  hotel  occupancy  rates  will  improve  to  pre-­‐recession  levels     • Hotel  acquisition  funds  list  -­‐>  revenue  management       ▯ Lecture:     ▯ Hotels   o Interstate  Hotels  and  Resorts   ▯ Management  company     ▯ 2010  JHM  interstates,  bought  by  Patriot  America,  then  bought   by  Thayer  &  Jin  Jiang  Hotels     ▯ Owns:       • Marriot   • Hilton   • IHG   • Starwood   • Hyatt   • Choice     ▯ Kimpton  Hotels  and   Restaurants  Group     o Unique,  boutique,   stylish     o Pet  policies     o Business,  leisure,  health   conscious  and  traveling   families  (with  pets)   o Unique  LGBT   o Can  request  a  goldfish     HVS  Consulting  news:   • Growth  in  REVPAR  (3%  increase   across  all  platforms  for  first  time   since  2000)   • Rooms:  F&B  ratio  rise  –  1.4:1  in  2012   • Increased  internet  booking:  40%  of  all  bookings  with  35%  on  brand  website     • Average  length  of  stay  is  shorter   o Dropped  from  2.3  to  2.0  (2.7  was  all  time  USA  high)  -­‐>  bad  for  HTM   industry   • Average  hotel  franchise  costs  as  an  average  %  of  revenue       -­‐ Consulting  =  given  data,  turn  it  into  information   ▯ Not  memorization   ▯ Should  be  difficult,  requires  “hard  thinking”     ▯ Obviously  a  skill  in  HFTM       • Consulting  types:   o Asset  management   o Feasibility  studies   o Quality  assurance  (customer  service,  delivery,  etc.)   o Accounting   o Data  collection   o Problem-­‐solving  (bring  ideas  from  outside  of  property)     ▯ STR  census     • Currency  issues  for  consultants  (ex.  Four  Seasons:  Dubai,  U.S.,  Canada  -­‐>  view   ROI  differently)   o Daily  data  (exchange  rate  obtained  from     o Monthly  data:  use  exchange  rate  on  the  last  day  of  month     o Multiple  line  periods  (YTD,  running-­‐12,  week)   ▯ Uses  different  exchange  rate  for  each  currency     o Map:  global  occupancy  percentage  change   o Multiple  affiliation  for  a  single  hotel     ▯ Chain   ▯ Parent  Company   ▯ Operation:  Corporate,  Franchise,  or  Independent   ▯ Management  Company   ▯ Owner   ▯ Asset  Management  Company   ▯ Membership  or  Marketing  Groups     Top  10  Chains  in  the  World  (by  number  of  rooms)   Chain   Properties   Rooms   Holiday  Inn**   1,208   222,879   Best  Western   2,897   205,804   Holiday  Inn  Express   2,152   200,914   Hilton   556   193,919   Marriott   492   177,158   Sheraton  Hotel   417   146,010   Super  8   2,288   145,346   Days  Inn   1,773   138,272   Courtyard   919   135,292   Comfort  Inn   1,711   128,132   Top  10  Parent  Companies  in  the  World  (by  number  of  rooms)   Parent  Company   Properties   Rooms   InterContinental  Hotels  Group   4,518   655,183   Marriott  International  Inc   3,699   640,524   Hilton  Worldwide     3,852   632,911   Wyndham  Worldwide   7,199   610,240   ACCOR   4,175   509,340   Choice  Hotels  International   6,198   497,541   Starwood  Hotels  &  Resorts  Worldwide  Inc   1,089   319,489   Best  Western  International   4,021   310,720   7  Days  Group   1,044   104,275   Hyatt  Hotels  Corp   250   104,209           Hilton  Worldwide:                          Marriott  InternatiWyndham  Worldwide:   Hilton   Marriott   Super  8   Hampton  Inn   Courtyard   Days  Inn   DoubleTree   Residence  Inn   Ramada   Travelodge   Hilton  Garden  Inn   Fairfield  Inn   Hampton  Inn  &  Suites   Renaissance   Howard  Johnson   Knights  Inn   Embassy  Suites   Springhill  Suites   Microtel  Inn  &  Suites   Homewood  Suites   JW  Marriott   Wyndham  Hotels   Waldorf  Astoria   Ritz-­‐Carlton   Ramada  Plaza   Conrad   TownePlace  Suites   Baymont  Inn  &  Suites   Home2  Suites   Gaylord   Howard  Johnson  Express   DoubleTree  Club   Autograph  Collection   Wingate  by  Wyndham     Marriott  Executive   Tryp  by  Wyndham     Apartments   Hawthorn  Suites  by     Marriott  Conference   Wyndham     Center   Days  Hotels  *     Wyndham  Garden  Hotel   Bulgari     Edition   Dream  Hotels     Night  Hotels     Thriftlodge  *     Days  Serviced  Apartments     Choice  Hotels  Int’l:     IHG:           Starwood:   Comfort  Inn     Quality  Inn   Holiday  Inn   Sheraton  Hotel   Econo  Lodge   Comfort  Suites   Holiday  Inn  Express  Hotel   Westin   Crowne  Plaza   Four  Points   Clarion   Sleep  Inn   InterContinental   Le  Meridien   Rodeway  Inn   Candlewood  Suites   Luxury  Collection   Quality   Staybridge  Suites   W  Hotel   Comfort   Hotel  Indigo   Ascend  Collection   aloft  Hotels   Suburban  Extended  Stay   ANA   St  Regis   Hotels   Holiday  Inn  Select   Element  *   Clarion  Collection   Sunspree  Resorts     MainStay  Suites   Holiday  Inn  Garden  Court   Quality  Hotel  &  Resort   Cambria  Suites         Accor:           Hyatt:           Adagio  City  Aparthotel   all  seasonsHotels   AVIA   Grand  Hyatt  *     Caesar  Park  Hotels   Hyatt   Citigate   Andaz   Coralia   Etap  Hotel   Hyatt  Place   Park  Hyatt   Grand  Mercure   Hotel  F1   Hotel  Formule  1   Hotel  ibis   Ibis  Budget   Ibis  Styles   Libertel   Mercure  Hotels   MGallery  Hotel  Collection   Novotel  Hotels   Parthenon   Pullman   Quay   Sebel   Sofitel  Luxury  Hotels   Suite  Novotel       • Independent  hotels  =  not  affiliated  with  a  specific  brand,  may  be  managed  or   owned  by  companies  or  marketing  groups   • Increased  over  50  years;  more  independent  hotels   • Management  company:  operates  a  hotel  for  another  party;  has  contract  where  it   receives  payments  or  portion  of  profits     • Consulting  independent  hotels:   o Little  data   o 22,000  independent  hotels  in  the  U.S.   o Chain  vs.  Independent   ▯ Chain  =  international     ▯ Independent  =  more  U.S.   o Myrtle  Beach:  independent  or  branded,  GDS,  creativity,  F&B,  spa     o Fractional  ownership     o Relais  St-­‐Denis   o Turks  &  Caicos  
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