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NUTR 4210 Final: NUTR Final Notes

by Emily
20 Pages

Course Code
NUTR 4210
Lindsay Robinson

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NUTR*4210 Nutrition, Exercise and Energy Metabolism Table of Contents Obesity 2 Insulin Resistance Type II Diabetes 2 1. Uptake 3 2. Storage of Lipids 4 Weight Loss 5 What happens to adipose tissue in obesity? 7 Leptin = thin in Greek 7 Adiponectin 8 TNFalpha 9 IL6 10 Aging 11 Sarcopenia 11 Sarcopenic Obesity 13 Implicated Factors 13 Summary: 14 Treatment 14 Cancer 15 Cancer Cachexia 16 TX Strategies 18 Physical Activity Cancer 19 CancerRelated Fatigue 20 PUFA n3 20 1
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