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POLS 1400 Study Guide - Final Guide: Western Alienation In Canada, International Brotherhood Of Teamsters, Context-Dependent Memory

Political Science
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POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan
Study Guide

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Politics Mock Final
Chapter 10: Canada’s External Environment
1. Foreign policies have an effect on Canada and can sometimes be threatening to the countries
wellbeing, an example of this would be
a. The Arctic, especially as global warming allows for sea trafficking and mineral exploration.
b. “Buy America” provisions, which the states sometimes institutes in order to prevent
government funds from flowing to foreign companies
c. European Union bans on the import of Canadian seal products and furs from animals caught
using leg-hold traps
d. All of the above
2. Matching of International organizations
a. United Nations
i. Impediment to the pursuit of
Canadian government policies in a
wide range of sensitive fields
b. World Trade Organization (WTO)
ii. Sought to deal with the global
financial meltdown after 2008
c. International Monetary Fund
iii. Gives a middle ranking country a
platform to promote its altruistic and
its self-interested objectives
d. G7 and G20
iv. Pressures members with respect to the
size of national deficits
3. Principle Characteristics of Globalization
- Comprehensive free trade agreements
- Removal of state controls on corporate behavior
- Cross-border capital flows
- Worldwide corporate competition
- Mega-mergers of the largest transnational corporations
- Massive diffusion of technological change, including the Internet
- Closure of transnational plants developed countries and migration to the developing world
- Widespread movement of people through immigration, permeability of borders, and
- Increasing cultural interaction and harmonization
4. Bill-C51 is a
a. Controversial anti-terrorism act
b. Deals with gay marriage
c. Equal pay for women
d. Defense policy
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5. Which Prime Minister was responsible for the creation of the first UN peacekeeping force?
a. Pierre Trudeau
b. Mulroney
c. Pearson
d. Chretien
e. Diefenbaker
6. The National Policy
a. Promoted unlimited foreign investment
b. Allowed for control through the investment of shares
c. Discusses foreign direct investment in Canada
d. Put a tariff on imported manufactured goods
7. Extraterritoriality is also known as
a. Trading with the Enemy Act
b. Grey Report
c. Detainees
d. Portfolio investment
The ultimate disadvantage of foreign owned companies is that they may occasionally choose to be
required to conform to the laws of the country in which their parent is located rather than those of Canada.
The extension of U.S. laws to branch plants located in Canada, typically under the Trading with the
Enemy Act.
8. Which is not a policy Canada has adopted to counter the threat of foreign ownership and control
of the Canadian Economy.
a. Crown cooperation’s
b. Regulatory agencies
c. Restrictions and tax incentives
d. Reciprocity treaty
e. Funding agencies
9. What country is Canada’s leading exports
a. China
b. United Kingdom
c. United States
d. Mexico
e. Japan
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