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Exam Study Notes #1

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3800
Jen Lasenby- Lessard

PSYC 3800 Exam Study NotesQuestion 1a According to the textbook this statement means that a lot of the time people will assume and see educational psychology as common sense For example when presented with a tactic a common response it that everybody knows thatb Seeing research results in writing can make them seem obvious but in many cases they are not Like in the case study Taking Turns from the textbook In the study research shows that when doing a class reading where every student gets a turn going around in a circle proves to work better and have a higher achievement rate compared to picking students at randomc The dangers in basing educational policy and programs on assumptions are that they can lead to the wrong informationknowledge and therefore lead to wrong teacher strategies For example in the textbook a study by Wong where she switched 6 of the 12 obvious statements into incorrect answers when presented with the statements many students and teachers thoughtbelieved that all the statements were true and obvious Educational Psychology research can be compared to athletics in the sense that they make the sportskill look easy but we do not see all the training and efforts just like we do see all the years of research for the fact that arent so obvious d The current trends counteract the obvious thought by looking at how significant the rise is in research and its use in the classroom A new field Knowledge Mobilization is the perfect example since the last decade the field has exploded with new studies and more research Third parties have helped to integrate such research to help transition to information from the research so that it can be presented in a more applicable manner to the classroom from article e Some educations may be reluctant because when studying educational psychology there is a lack of good research tools The issue lies with the relationship of knowledgeresearch and it actually being put to use into practise this gaps of transform makes it hard to implement in the classroom from article Question 3 a There are four different forms of aggression Instrumental aggression which is the most common involves using strong actions aimed at claiming an object place or privilege and while not intending to harm may still lead to this result Hostile aggression has two different forms and involves using bold direct actions that is intended to hurt someone else generally unprovoked attacks Overt aggression is one form of Hostile aggression and is more commonly used by boys this form is a hostile physical attack or threat of such an attack on another person Relational aggression or Social aggression is the form most commonly used by boys and involves verbal attacks and other actions meant to harm social relationships and selfesteemb A study referenced in the text stated boys are much more likely than girls to use Overt aggression in conflicts while girls are much more likely to use RelationalSocial aggression in conflictsc Relational strategies for dealing with bullying generally involve seeking help from other people such as friends teachers parents etc Research conducted in a course article found that using more confrontational strategies using physical aggression revenge strategies are actually much worse than relational strategies for stopping bullying and usually result in prolonging and increasing the severity of the bullying problem d Scaffolding according to an article presented for study is described as the process of anticipating and directing instruction to provide adaptive support for learning so children can perform above their normal level As the child becomes more skilled the scaffolding can be dismantled and reassembled as necessary Scaffolding is basically a way to give support for learning and problem solving giving more help and guidance to children less skilled and gradually reducing the aid provided as the child becomes more skillede Scaffolding used to prevent bullying as outlined in a research article involves the consideration of what supports are required to provide children with skills capacities and social cognitions to move into healthy relationships and out of bullying influences Generally these occur on a momenttomoment basis as the situations arise One example given is for parents of the victim help plan out strategies before school to join friends and avoid bullying peers at lunchtimef There are a few effective strategies given in the textbook for such an unruly student To begin with research given in the text offer a straightforward outline on how to confront misbehaving students most notably is making and maintaining eye contact telling the student to stop the misbehaviour and offering a choice of behaving or being segregated from the class for a later discussion If these do not work for the child then you can try to get to the root of the issue causing the bad behaviours and then focus on dealing with the cause as well as teaching your students about way to have empathy and to think before you act or react to any perceived slight Another recommended tactic given is to follow through with your threats and do not back down when and if the child complies an example given is if you have already sent for the principle and the child finally begins behaving do not back down and allow the principle to come to the room and deal with how the student was or is behaving Finally for such an unruly child a full conference is most likely necessary being sure to include the parents of the child the parents of the bullied
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