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FMLY 1010 Study Guide - Final Guide: Child Abuse, Prenatal Development, Family Values

Family Social Sciences
Course Code
FMLY 1010
Sharon Balasko
Study Guide

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FMLY1010 Human Development in the Family
Final Exam Study Guide
Exam Structure: 60 multiple choice questions I mark each for total of 60 marks.
Choice of 3 of 5 short answers 5 marks each for total of 15 marks.
Chapters 1 to 10 2 to 3 questions on each chapter
Chapters 11 to 17 5 to 6 questions on each chapter
Study Topics
Reoccurring issues in human development
Understand principles of developmental theories including Freud, Erikson, operant conditioning,
social learning, and Bandura, Piaget, Bronfenbrenner, lifespan and life course theories.
Research in human development, experimental method, independent, dependent variables.
Periods of prenatal development
Newborn states
Perceptual capabilities of the newborn
The emerging nervous system and brain development, structures like neurotransmitters, and
concept of lateralization
Language development, speech sounds, and use of rules in early child development
Concept of attachment in early development
Parenting styles
Child abuse prevention
Role of early child care programs
Impact of family values on children’s development
Development of self-concept and self-esteem
Influence of watching television on child development
Primary sex characteristics and development
Multiple intelligences
Adolescents and working
Young adults and diet
Intelligence in adulthood mental abilities, differing abilities, differing facets, impact of
Impact of self-concept on development
Friendships and different types in adulthood
Factors and theories in mating in adulthood
Divorce and impacts
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