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Biol 250 Midterm 1 Notes (chapt 1,24,25)

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BIOL 150
Kirsten Muller

Bio 250 Midterm 1 NotesDarwin MovieHIV continually adapts to medicationsevolves quickly started to see resistant strains in about a dozen yearsHIV replicates in white blood cellsmutation results in different varietiesnatural selection favours drug resistant strainsDarwins ideas were shaped by finches on the different islands and skeletal similaritythe Church played a huge role in every aspect of life theory of evolution went against that he was going to get scooped by Alfred Wallace so it pushed him to publish as well as his daughters death didnt think God could take away his childWallace and Darwin published a joint paper but Darwin kept publishingHuxley was Darwins bulldog and used reason over the supernaturalevolution is still a theory but descendants from common ancestors is fact Chapter 1 Intro to Evolutionscience a branch of knowledge conducted on objective principles involving the systematized observation of and experiments with natural and physical phenomena it is a method to examine naturally occurring phenomena around uscan only falsify a hypothesis to help support the hypothesis or theoryCANNOT prove itbasic researchdriven by the curiosity of the researcher mainly done at universities and governmental institutionsapplied researchdone to solve a particular problem and leads to a newimproved technology generates the big MMR vaccine1998 study in the Lancet sample size of 12 parents of 8 noted autism symptoms after possible link children getting MMR dropped considerably the sample size was small they were not randomly selected and there was no control group the author generatedbecause he has a vaccine to rival the MMRTHERE IS NO LINKinductive reasoningdraws conclusions through the logical process of induction repeating specific observations can lead to generalizations ex Sun rises in the eastdiscovery scienceobservation of a phenomenon and figure out howwhy it happensex how an organism survives in a toxic environmenthypothesis tentative answer to a wellframed question leads to prediction that can be tested by observation or experimentationex Obsvflashlight doesnt workQwhy doesntt it workHypothesisthe batteries are deadExpreplace the batteries and it still doesnt workConcthe hypothesis is falsedeductive reasoning uses general premises to make specific predictionsex if organisms are made of cells and humans are organisms then humans are
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