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BIOL 308 Final: Study_questions_5

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BIOL 308
Dragana Miskovic

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1. Distinguish between the terms mutation, DNA repair and recombination. Mutation is a change in DNA sequence that may or may not alter protein sequence. DNA repair is the repair of damaged dna that contains errors to increase fidelity but also decrease variability Recombination is the exchange of genetic information between two molecules of dna in order to increase variability. Dna repair 2. List and briefly explain three major causes for mutation in DNA. Replication error incorrect nucleotides incorporated into strand that were not detected by mistmatch repair Spontaneous dna change deamination and depurations, deamination of cytoi External factors (UV Light), adition of alkyl groups to dna bases 3. Explain how errors in DNA replication can lead to mutations. During dna replication, mismatched nucleotide may be incorporated, dnap proofreading does not catch this error, leads to a change in nucleotide sequence, which can lead to change in 4. Distinguish between the effects of mutations on the somatic and germ cells of multicellular organism. If a mutation occurs in a somatic cell, the mutation would not be hereditary, could elad to cancer If mutation occurs in germ cell, mutation could now be hereditary and inherited by daughter cells and future progeny. 5. List the various types of DNA repair mechanism (we have mentioned seven). Endonuclease acitivty of polymeras Base excision
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