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University of Waterloo
BIOL 359
Jonathan Witt

Biol 359 WordsoftheDayRecondite Understood only by experts or requiring detailed specialized knowledge to be understoodDealing with difficult material subject matter that is too difficult to be understood without specialized knowledgeIncredulous Unwilling to believe or unconvinced by something showing or characterized by disbeliefIndolent lazy lethargic and not showing interest or making any effortBoor A rude obnoxious illmannered crass personStultify to diminish somebodys interest and liveliness of mind by being repetitive tedious and boringIconoclast somebody who challenges traditional beliefs customs or values or goes against established practice Good for beneficial to ones healthSalubriousNihilist a person who beliefs that nothing is worthwhile or that life is pointless and all human values are worthless and completely disregards established social conventions rules and beliefsMelodrama exaggerated behaviour or emotional displaysHyperbole exaggeration deliberate and obvious exaggeration used as an effect or to get attentionHistrionics overdone emotion or exaggerated overdramatic behaviour done for show or to get a reactionLurid sickening horrifying or shocking sensational with graphic details or horror devastation or violenceDesultory pointless or aimlessly passing from one thing or place to anotherRandom happening in a random disorganized or unmethodical wayLilliputian a person or thing that is unusually smallIncorrigible impossible to change or correct often referring to someone who is unruly and impossible to manageSanctimonious holierthanthou making an exaggerated show of greatness or moral superiorityHackneyed ordinary dull and unimaginativesomething that is commonplace and stale from overuse ex a tired clichImpecunious poor having little or no moneyPurulent relating to pus containing or exuding pusInveterate habitual fixed in habit or practice or firmly established and of long standingVenerable highly respected and reveredMagnanimous noblespirited generous kind and forgiving
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