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Final Exam Review A complete review of all material covered on the exam.

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University of Waterloo
Sue Stathopulos

CHEMISTRY LAB EXAM REVIEW SHEET GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSA WHMIS online course must be completed prior to working in the lab PREVENTING ACCIDENTSINJURYAttention must be paid to instructors Clarification must be demanded when needed Unauthorized experiments must never be performed Equipment must never be left unattendedSinks and bench tops must be kept clean All spills and bottle rings must be wiped up immediatelyAisles and bench tops must be kept free of obstructions and all personal belongings must be stored under the benchesPrior to using a chemical a student must become familiar with it and learn the safe handling and disposal requirements for that chemical Attention must be paid to potentially toxic vapour and gases and when those may occur work in the fume hood is imperative When they may be contaminated with chemicals hands must be kept away from body until cleaned thoroughlyProper equipment must be used when heating flammable chemicals face shields and protective clothing when indicated The working order of the equipment must be verified prior to use PROTECTING YOURSELF AGAINST ACCIDENTSINJURYProtective clothing must be worn o Safety goggles Splash proof safety goggles are mandatory They provide maximum protection from spills and flying objects o Footwear Closed toe shoes are mandatory when chemicals are used o Lab Coats Lab coat use is encouragedFood and Drink No food or drink should be introduced in to the laboratory TREATMENT OF INJURY First aid for skin cuts abrasions burns contact with acid alkali or other chemicals is immediate flushing with copious amounts of tap water All accidents must be reported to instructor or TA as soon as possible in order to insure proper treatmentChemicals on the skin Move to nearest sink eyewash or emergency shower and flush affected area with large quantities of water Inform instructor and if irritation or pain develops report to Health ServicesChemicals in the eye Locate emergency eye wash station nearest to workstation If chemicals enter the eye flowing fresh water must be used immediately for a minimum of 10 minutes The instructor must be informed After flushing report immediately to Health ServicesCuts abrasions burns Report to your instructor or TA
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