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Chem 266: Resonance Explained

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CHEM 266
Steve Forsey

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pg. 55 Review Brandon Yee Resonance  The energy of the actual molecule as a whole is lower than the energy of any single contributing resonance form o The lowering of energy is called resonance stabilization  The more equivalent resonance structures a molecule has, the more stable it is  As a whole, resonance structures have bonds of equal length and charges spread equally o Resonance hybrid: a mixture of all the resonance structures  When N is already associated with a double bond, it’s lone pair is hybridized, and cannot be delocalized (cannot participate in resonance)  When N has a lone pair and is single bonded to an atom that is associated with a double bond, then the lone pair is located in the p orbital (NOT hybridized), and can therefore be localized (can Even though this N has 4 This N has 3 things surrounding participate in resonance) surrounding things around it (3 it (2 atoms and 1 lone pair), 2 2 atoms an 1 lone pair), it is sp and is also s
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