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Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

CHAPTER ONEThe Strategic Role of HR ManagementHuman Resources Management HRMmanagement of people in organizations to drive successful organizational performance and achievement of organizations strategic goalsHuman Capitalknowledge education training skills expertise of an orgss workforceHistoryScientific Managementscientifically analyzing manufacturing processes to reduce production costs and compensating employees based on performance Prior to Phase 2 and increased operational efficiency but wage increases did not keep upworkers distrust mgtHuman Resources Movementfocuses on concern for people and productivityPhase 1early 1900spersonnel administration hiring firing payrollbenefits processingPhase 21930s1950s unions compliance with new laws min wage unemp Insurance Orientation performance appraisal employee relations added to personnel mgr jobPhase 319601980stech advances outsourcing of many admin functionsPhase 41990presentevery line mgr possess basic HR skillsMeasuring the Value of HR Metricsstatistics used to measure activitiesresultsTraditional Measuresfocused on activitycostof candidates interviewed cost per hireTodays Measuresfocus on productivity quality sales market share profitsBalanced scorecardmeasurement system that translates an organizations strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measuresEnvironmental Influences on HRMInternal Environmental InfluencesOrganizational Cultureocore values beliefs and assumptions shared by members of an organizationooften conveyed through an organizations mission statementOrganizational Climateoprevailing atmosphere that exists in an organization and its impact on employeesoinfluenced by leadership HR policies communication styleofriendly or unfriendly open or secretive rigid or flexible innovative or stagnant Management PracticesoBureaucratic organizations w many mgt levels being replaced w flatter structuresoEmployee Empowerment has become more common with flatter structuresproviding workers with the skills and authority to make decisionsExternal Environmental Influences Economic Conditionsaffect supplydemand for products unemployment levels productivity levels ratio of an organizations outputs to its inputsprimary sector 4 agriculture fishing and trapping forestry and miningsecondary sector 19 manufacturing and constructiontertiaryservice sector 77 public administration personal and business services finance trade public utilities and transportationcommunications growingExternal Environmental Influences Labour Market Issuescanadas workforce is among the most diverse in the worldgenerational differencesTraditionalists before 1946 baby boomers 19461964 generation x 19651980 generation y after 1980educational level lack of literacy has replaced lack of experience as major reason for rejecting entrylevel candidatescontingentnonstandard workersworkers who do not have regular fulltime employment status for nonstandard jobs often poorly paid offers little to no job security and is not covered by employment legislationExternal Environmental Influences Technologyquestions are raised concerning data control accuracy right to privacy and ethics firms are monitoring employee email voice mail telephone conversations computer usage and behaviourExternal Environmental Influences Governmentvariation among jurisdictionscompanies in diff areas have diff rules for employeesExternal Environmental Influences Globalizationemergence of a single global market for productsservicesincreased intensity of international competitionleading most companies to extend their operations around the world seek cheap skilled labourmeans HR professionals may need to become familiar with employment legislation in other countriesmanage ethical dilemmasExternal Environmental Influences Environmental Concerns sustainability climate change global warming pollution and carbon footprint extinction of wildlife ecosystem fragilityGrowing Professionalism in HRMcommon body of knowledge certification of members CHRP selfregulation code of ethics social responsibility CHAPTER TWOThe Changing Legal EmphasisMultiple Legal Jurisdictions for EmploymentLabour Lawprovincialterritorial laws govern 90 of workersfederal laws govern 10 of workers in federal civil service Crown corporations and agencies transportation banking communications Canadian Legislation Affects General PopulationSpecific Employee and ConditionsCanadian Charter of Rights and Freedomsbasic rights for all Canadiansfreedom of conscience and religion
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