KIN 155 Midterm: Midterm Two practice for MT2

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/40: for 10 marks (2 marks each), a basketball player fakes a dribble to the left, then does a jump shot over the immobile defensive player. Name and explain the concept being used to the advantage of the offensive player: most people nd it easy to read words with missing or distorted letters, for example, she coloured her hair purp(cid:8216)e . Name and explain what the visual system is doing in this situation: after about 2 minutes in a completely dark room, a small night light appears to start moving. Name and explain what is causing the apparent movement of the light: the starter at a track meet consistently has an interval of 2 seconds between the set command and the go signal. What research supports your answer: a locomotor and a non-locomotor baby are lowered over the deep side of the visual cliff.