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Midterm One Practice for MT1

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KIN 155
Fran Allard

Kinesiology 255 First Exam October 3, 2007 Your name: Your ID number: Your lab section number (or day and time): • The exam is out of 40 marks in all and is worth 20% of your course grade. • The exam ends at 12:20 • There are 5 questions on the exam, with marks as indicated on each question. • Please note that there are questions on both sides of each page – be sure to turn each page over • Write your exam in ink Question 1 /10 Question 2 /5 Question 3 /5 Question 4 /10 Question 5 /10 Total /40 1. A short answer question on neuroanatomy (1 mark each, 10 marks in all) a. What is the term used to describe the organization of the motor cortex? b. Name one other area of the cortex that is organized in a similar way. c. What motor neurons control the contractile parts of intrafusal fibers? d. What is a motor unit? e. What lobe contains the motor cortex? f. Describe one function of the pre motor cortex. g. Where would you find a central pattern generator? h. Name a common movement disorder caused by the loss of dopamine producing cells in the basal ganglia. i. What is one symptom of the disorder that you have identified in part h) above? j. Who proposed the size principle of motor unit recruitment? 2 2. A question on proprioception for 5 marks (1 mark each) . a. What happens when a person’s arm is vibrated at 120 Hz when the arm is free to move and the person has vision of his/her arm? b. Why does this happen? c. What happens when a person’s arm is vibrated at 120 Hz when the arm is prevented from moving and the pers
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