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MATH 145
Barry Mc Clinchey

MATH 145: Information about the Midterm Test When: October 15 (Monday), 7:00–9:00 pm. Where: MC 1056 (last names A-Q) and MC 4060 (last names R-Z) What to bring: The midterm will be closed book. No calculators will be permitted (or needed). You are permitted to bring one small-sized stuffed animal to the examination room. Syllabus: The midterm test will cover all material discussed in class up to, but not including, the Chinese Remainder Theorem. The corresponding material in the course text is Chapter I (Sections 1-8) and Chapter II (Sections 1-4, 6, 7); you are not responsible for material in the textbook that was not covered in class. Lecture on October 15: is cancelled. I will take questions in my office from 12:00-4:25 pm. Assignment #3: Assignment #3 is due on October 10 (Wednesday) and will be returned to you in the tutorial on October 15 (Monday). Solutions will be posted on the course web site by 2:00 pm on October 10. Midterm questions: You may be asked to state some definitions (e.g. define what it means for two integers to be congruent modulo n), to state a theorem (e.g. Fermat’s little theorem, but not theorems such as the Green-Tao theorem whose proofs we did not do in class), or to prove a theorem covered in class (e.g. prove Euclid’s theorem that there are infinitely many primes). You will be asked to prove or disprove some new statements, and to perform some calculations (e.g. finding gcds, solving linear diophantine equations, solving linear congruences, etc.). The Math 145 midterm fro
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