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University of Waterloo
Martha Savage

Sample Questions – these are the actual short answer questions from a previous final exam. Note that I may also ask about bio-psycho-social treatment options and your ability to recognize cognitive distortions. Written Questions -Please record your answers clearly in the space below. -Note that if the question asks for 3 symptoms, only the first 3 will be marked. There is no advantage to listing additional responses. 1) Model of Change (7 marks) a) Sketch the model of stages of change described by Prochaska, Diclemente and Norcross. b) Give an example of an appropriate psycho-social intervention for each of the 5 stages for someone with Marijuana Use Disorder. (If you do not remember the model, list 5 psychosocial interventions and hope for part marks.) 2) Mental Status (7 ½ marks – half mark each) List 5 characteristic signs and symptoms of each disorder and which category you would record them under on the mental status exam (signs) or cognitive model (symptoms). a) Bulimia Nervosa i) ii) iii) iv) v) b) Gender Dysphoric Disorder i) ii) iii) iv) v) c) Alcohol Intoxication Disorder i) ii) iii) iv) v) 3) Formulation - ( 12 ½ marks – half mark each) Use specific terminology to answer these questions. Note that wrong answers will be subtracted from ri
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