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PSYCH101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dream Interpretation, Prenatal Development, Caffeine

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Colin Mac Leod
Study Guide

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Psychology Sleeping and Dreaming - October 19
Sigmund Freud
-dream analysis : mostly about sexuality and aggression
Freudian Dream Analysis
-Manifest content: what person consciously remembers from the dream.. but this is
-dream time can be much condensed or stretched out
-Latent Content: the true meaning of the dream, unconscious drives and wishes only
determined from careful analysis
Theories of Dreaming
have to dream every night. if we don't one night, we will make it up by more dreams on
another night.
-information processing: to work through the days experiences in memory
-organizing a days work
-physiological stimulation: to keep the brain activated
-activation- synthesis: dreaming are random neural activity that the brain tries
to interpret.. nothing real happening, brain makes up a story. interpreting itself
-other animals sleep too = sleep and dreaming is deeply biological
-dreams can be controlled.
e.g. if shown a fighting film vs a peaceful film before you sleep. the activity level of your
dream will be influenced. not necessarily dream about the same thing but in the content
of it
Consciousness & Drugs
consciousness: the current awareness of external or internal stimuli that are “ in the
mental spotlight”
-can be altered. e.g by a cup of coffee in the morning.
preconscious: memories that can be called to consciousness fairly easily
-things that we know that we arent constantly thinking about. but if we chose to we
could. its available to us when we shift our conscious to it when someone brings the
topic up
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