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RS 100 Test Review 1

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Religious Studies
RS 100
Adam Stewart

RS 100 TEST 160 Mins 30 MC 10 Match 2 Short Answer 1pg double spaced MAX1 Question from filmDEFINE and EXPLAINHinduism From Sanskrit Sindu meaning riverIndus River Muslim rulers called nonmuslims Hindus Dharma multivalent term of great importance inIndian philosophy andreligions In the context ofHinduism it means ones righteous duty1 and aHindus dharma is affected by the persons age class occupation and gender2 In modern Indian langu ages it can be equivalent simply toreligion depending on context The worddharma translates asthat which upholds or supports and is generally translated into English aslaw Indus Valley Civilization Harappan Civilization Excavation revealed vast civilization along Indus River between 3300 and 1300 BCEVedas Foundation of Hindu philosophy authoritative hindu sacred texts Sanskrit Comprises the Samhitas Hymns BrahmanasRitual instruction Aranyakasmeditation visual Upanishads philosophical texts Four collectionsRIG SAMA YAJUR ATHARVAShruti Reserved for the words of the Vedas defined as THAT WHICH WAS HEARDKarma The total effect of a persons actions and conduct during the successive phases of the persons existence regarded as determining the persons destiny Samsara The eternal cycle of birth suffering death and rebirth Mokshafreedom from the endless cycle of transmigration into a state of bliss Atman The essence that is eternal unchanging and indistinguishable from the essence of the universe essence soulSmrti That which is rememberedthThe Hindu Epics 500 BCE400 CE 5 Veda The ancientSanskrit epics theRamayana andMahabharata also termedItihsa History orMahkvya Great Compositions refer to epic poems that form a canon of Hindu scripture Indeed the epic form prevailed and verse was and remained until very recently the preferred form
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