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RS110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Kafir, Islamic Calendar, Surah

Religious Studies
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Peter Frick
Study Guide

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The Quran was written in Arabic
The third Surah is called The Family
The word Islam means surrender, submission, peace
The very first Surah mentions the day of mercy
Pre-Islamic history is known as the age of ignorance
The ae of Araha’s so is – Ishmael
The central shrine of worship cleansed by Abraham is the kaabah
The dates of Mohaad’s life are – 570-632
Mohammad married this woman and they had how many children Khadijah in 595 and had 6
children; only Fatima survived
Mohammad is also known as al-Ai, hih eas the trustorthy oe
The night of power occurred in this year 610
The most significant aspect of the night of power is that Mohammad received his first
The year 619 is important because Khadijah and Abu Talib died
Mohaad’s igratio hijrah arks the beginning of the Islamic calendar (Sept 24, 622)
The abbreviation AH means anno hijra
The term ummah refers to Muslim community
When the prophet died, Abu Bakr said Mohaad is dead, ut God is alie, iortal
The Arabic word Allah means literally the God
According to the Quran, creation happened in 6 days
According to the Quran, Allah pronounced creation good
The Quran mentions that human beings are made from dust/clay and sperm/blood
In Islam, sin is fundamentally forgetfulness
The sinner is known principally known as kafir (a person who forgets/conceals)
o A kafir is a mushrik someone who associates other things with Allah
o Shirk severe sin
According to surah 9, the Christian concept of God is
The Quran calls Jews and Christians people of the scriptures
5 major prophets Noah, Moses, Jesus, Abraham, and Mohammad
The Quran refers to this person more than Mohammad Moses
For Muslims, Mohammad is the seal of prophets
The practice of 5 pillars is obligatory (public) and voluntary (private)
This pillar focuses on the individual, not the community zakat ?
In the profession of faith (shahadah), a Muslim affirms there is no one except God and
Mohammad is the messenger of God
The ritual prayer (salat) is preceded by ritual washing
During Ramadan, a Muslim fasts from just before daybreak to just after sundown
In Arabic, the word for the pilgrimage to Mecca is Hajj
During the major pilgrimage, Muslims go to the plain of Arafat
Symbolically, the pilgrims throw 49 stones at Satan/ the devil
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