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Tracy Kion

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Week 1CellsDescribe the current version of the cell theoryAll living things are or made up of cellsCells are the basic unit of structure and function in organismsAll cells come from preexisting cells by divisionoCells are capable of reproducing themselvesCells acquire and utilize energyoEg photosynthesis cellular respirationCells contain hereditary informationoDNA tells the cells how to functionAll cells are based on the same chemistryocells have common characteristicsDefine a cell and describe the minimal structures and function required for a cellWhat is a celloCells are bounded by membranes to separate what goes in and out of the celloCells can reproduceoAll cells have cytoplasmFunctions and structures of celloTwo types of Cells which are eukaryotic and prokaryotic oEukaryoticAre unicellular and multicellular organismsAre plants animals algae and fugi cellsMitochrondria atp synthesis by oxidative phosphorylationIn plants and algaethey use chloroplasts for atp synthesis by photophosphorylation production of oxygen in eukaryotic cellsHave golgi apparatusEndoplasmic reticulum where some ribosomes are attached to ERRibosomes are the site of protein synthesisCytoplasm which is a water based substanceContains highof chemicals both large and smallCell wall only found in plant cells animal cells lack cell walloProkaryoticAre mostly unicellular but there is some pro cells that are multicellularMostly consists of bacteria and archaea cells Have rigid cellwallLack a nucleus thus DNA is found in the nucleoidLack membrane bound organelles but they do have inner membranes for photosynthesis to occurHave plasmids which are circular supercoiled DNASome pro cells have flagella to help cells swim and move
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