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Chapter 10Organizational Culture 1 Organizational CultureThe pattern of shared values beliefs and assumptions considered to be the appropriate way to think and act within an organizationculture is shared by everyone help solve problems since they have worked for a long time the beliefs etc are TAUGHT to ppl who join not every group has culture but most do that have existed for a while if not turnover 2 ArtifactsAspects of an organizations culture that you can see hear and feel posters dress stories rituals material symbols language 3 Stories circulate and provide explanations for legitimacy in current practices Rituals predictive sequences of activities that reinforce key values important ppl goals losers material symbols cars size offices furniture exec perks dress code also show separation of execs and employees Language unique terms to describe equipment offices staff etc Ex tall grande 4 BeliefsUnderstandings of how objectsideas relate to each other 5 Values The stable longlasting beliefs about what is important 6 AssumptionsThe Taken forgranted notions of how something should be 7 7 primary characteristics of culture the degree thatinnovation and risk taking attention to detail outcome orientation management focus on results not processes people orientationteam orientation aggressiveness stability degree organizational activies emphasize maintaining status quo in contrast to growth 8 Culture functions just read distinction sense of identity commitment stability guides attitudesbehavior make sense of organization 9 Dominant CultureSystem of shared meaning that expresses core values shared by majority of organizations members 10 SubculturesMinicultures within an organization typically defined by department designations and geographical separation usually in large organizations 11 Core ValuesPrimary or dominant values that are accepted throughout organization 12 Strong CultureCulture where core values are intensely held and widely shared 13 Founders set culture Culture creation occurs in 3 waysi founders hire and keep employees who think and feel same way ii socialize employees to think certain way iii founders act as role models encouraging to internalize values beliefs and assumptions 14 Keeping Culture Alive i Selection select individuals with knowledge and skills to perform job successfully but final decision is to hire people with same values ii Top Management They establish norms in how they behave and the customs iii SocializationProcess that adapts new employees to an organizations culture some will become nonconformists or rebelsi Prearrival Stageperiod of learning where socialization process occurs so like past schooling jobs etcii Encounter StageStage in the socialization process where new employee sees what organization is really like and confronts the possibility that expectation and reality may diverge if so then organization will try to detach them from their previous assumptionsiii Metamorphosis StageStage in socialization process where new employee adjusts to the values and norms of the job work group and organization feel accepted understands how they can do well and criteria to be praised 15 Entry Socialization Optionsformal vs informal training vs plopping them into jobindividual vs collectivefixed vs variable planned or notserial vs random serial socialization use role models who train newcomer in random role models are deliberately withheldinvestiture vs divesiture investiture socialization assumes newcomers qualities are confirmed in divesiture socialization stips away certain characteristics 16 Culture as a Barrier to Changeis a liability when shared values are not in agreement that will further organizations effectiveness When organization environment is changing culture may not be appropriate Also consistency of behavior is good but then if environment is changing and organization stays the same then it is not 17 Culure as a Barrier to DiveristyOrganizations seek to hire diverse individuals bc of their strengths however strong cultures eliminate unique strengths of diff backgrounds 18 Culture as a Barrier to Mergers and AcquisitionsStrategies for Merging Culturesassimilation works good with one strong one weak cultureintegration merge parts together good if both are weak separation organizations remain separate with diff cultures works when its two diff industries 19 Bicultural AuditExamination of the differences between 2 potential merger partners prior to a merger to determine whether the cultures will be able to work together see if they can work together structure management style internal communication performance evaluations 20 To create a more ethical culture Be a visible role model employees look to top management communicate ethical expectations provide ethics training visibly reward ethical acts provide protective mechanisms employees can discuss ethical dilemmas and report unethical behavior 21 Positive Organizational CultureCulture tha emphasizes building on employee strengths rewards more than punishes and emphasizes individual vitality and growth 22 Creating a Positive Organizational CultureBuilding on Employee StrengthsRewarding more often than PunishingEmphasizing Vitality and Growthmake employees feel they have future within organizationLimits of Positive Culturethere are limits to itChapter 13Organizational Structure 1 Organizational StructureHow job tasks are formally divided grouped and coordinated 2 Btw when managers change their structures its called restructuring
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