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FNH 350Discussion Class 3High protein dietsEfficacy and consequences of very high protein diets for athletes and exercisersTipton KD 2011 Proceedings of the Nutrition SocietyVolume 70Issue 02May 2011 pp 205214 DOI 101017S0029665111000024 Published online 07 March 2011httpjournalscambridgeorgabstractS0029665111000024 1 What is the USA RDA for protein What will be the percentage of calories which will be obtained from protein in an 80 kg weight lifter whose energy intake is 3000 Kcalday What is the AMDR for protein08gkg body massday3000kcalday85 64g of proteinAMDR1035 2 Why do athletes tend to consume very high protein diets To replenish musclesFasterweightlosswithmoreproteinandlessother 3 Discuss whether muscle hypertrophy is a good reason for consuming high protein dietsMuscle hypertrophy involves an increase in size of skeletal muscle through an increase in the size of its component cells ResistenceorpowerathleteextraprtoetinwillresultinmuscleaccrualProteiningestionfollowingexcersicestimulatesmuscleproteinsynthesissomuslcescangetstrongerafterexercise 4 Discuss whether hypoenergetic weight loss can be achieved via high protein dietHypoenergeticconsuminglesscaloriesthanyouneedAlotofhighproteindietsarepairedwithalotofexerciseButwithnoadditionalexerciseproteinconsumedinlessthanneededtheywillloseweightcomparedtocarbexactsamequantityoffoodproteinwillhavehighersatietylessweightregainedfromproteinmaintainleanbodymassduringweightlossperiodwithproteinoincreasethermiceffectoffoodburningabitmoreduringthefoodprocessinganddigestionoincreasinggluconeotakesenergyaswelloincreasedproteinsynthesistakesenergyoenergymorelikelytocomefromfattyacidoxidationtobuildprotein 5 Do individuals who consume high protein diet have faster recovery from intense exerciseOverfirst24hrsmusclesorenesswasdecreasedimportantforresistencetrainingoForathleteswhotrainmultipletimesperdayitisimportantbecausetheirmuscledamageandproteinwillberepairedoInpeoplewhowerenttrainingalotitwasntveryrelevantwontnoticeadifferenceifyoujustgotothegymonceadayorcoupleofdays 6 What are the potential problems associated with high protein dietsRenaldysfunctionkidneykidneystones
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