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federalismWednesday November 2 2011Federalism Review When establish Canadas constitution and system of government the Founders were constrained by forces pushing towards unity economic expansion and national policy etc and the need to preserve provincial diversity and protection of differences Federalism was the compromiseWhile establishing a federal system the founders did everything they could to make it a system that benefitted the national government Most important areas of jurisdiction allocated to the national government while lesser more insular and local areas were given to the provinces Founders wanted a unitary state modeled after that of GB at the time and were turned off of federalism by USs experienceLegislative Jurisdiction 1867 The provincial had smaller and less influential areas of jurisdiction than the jurisdictions given to the federal government in 1867 Where there were areas of shared jurisdiction and overlap the federal government held paramountcy When there was a conflict between provinces and the federal government the federal governments rule was deemed superiorOther Federal Powers1 Appoint Lieutenant
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